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Crystal Picnic 1.0 Released

The wait is over! Crystal Picnic 1.0 is here. You can download it now from our shop, get demos at and soon download the game from other sites.

After 4 years developing the game in various stages, we're all super excited to be finished! Let us know what you think.

Memory Match and Elemental Now Free

Memory Match and Elemental are now free for direct download and from external sites. The OUYA version of Memory Match still has IAPs for the fancy decks, but we may change that if time permits.

Two Amazon Fire TV Titles From Nooskewl

Amazon just announced the Fire TV, a streaming box/game console that runs Android.

We had the opportunity to release two titles on the Fire TV for launch: Crystal Picnic and Monster RPG 2. The system is looking really good, and our games run great on the hardware!

If you plan on getting a Fire TV, check us out!

Monster RPG 2 Back on Sale

One year ago today our crowdfunding campaign to open-source Monster RPG 2 ended. The game was also made free to download that day. Today, Monster RPG 2 is still open-source, but is now a paid download again. It was great to see such amazing interest in the game and we hope that continues! Thank you!

Indiegogo Campaign a Success

Our Monster RPG 2 campaign has reached it's goal of $1,500! There is still about 12 hours left, so any extra contributions will go to charity. Rewards should all be delivered by December 1st. I'll be tidying up the source code until then. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the campaign's success, be it with money or sharing the link. Note that the game will also be listed as free on December 1st on ALL of our distribution partners!