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Memory Match and Elemental Now Free

Memory Match and Elemental, two games originally made by Mark Oates, are now free for direct download and from external sites. Mark sold us the rights to the games a few years ago and today we decided to put them up as free downloads. The OUYA version of Memory Match still has IAPs for the fancy decks, but we may change that if time permits.

Crystal Picnic's New Release Cycle

The last 2 Crystal Picnic alphas have been more than a week apart. We have reached a point where we need a longer period of time to fix up and add features to each update. We're going to be switching to a longer release cycle of 2 weeks to a month (approximately) so we can test more and add more features to each release. This will be officially starting with ALPHA39. ALPHA38 has a few bugs that can potentially really detract from the game and that is part of the reason for this decision. We hope this makes each alpha even more exciting!

Two Amazon Fire TV Titles From Nooskewl

Amazon just announced the Fire TV, a streaming box/game console that runs Android.

We had the opportunity to release two titles on the Fire TV for launch: Crystal Picnic and Monster RPG 2. The system is looking really good, and our games run great on the hardware!

If you plan on getting a Fire TV, check us out!